STREET JUSTICE: From the Streets to the Courtroom, this Attorney Brings Genuine Results in Personal... 12 Productivity Tips When Working from Home: As I write this, many law firms are shutting down their physical offices and having... Managing Remote Employees During the Coronavirus Pandemic: The coronavirus pandemic had led employers around the country to move employees to remote... Continuity of Care: Reassuring Clients You’re Prepared for COVID-19: The coronavirus outbreak has affected law firms around the country to varying degrees. In... Treat Your Credibility as Central, Not Peripheral: The lawyer preparing their case likely goes through a long list of, “What will they... Value/Price Equation Drives Hiring Decision, Client Loyalty: How much can you charge your clients? - You probably know lawyers who charge a fortune... Coronavirus Cancellations. 7 Tips for Hosting Virtual Meetings.: In the first quarter of 2020, we have experienced an unprecedented change in how we... Community News – April 2020: Johnson Fistel is pleased to announce that Reed F. Baker joined its San Diego office.... A Relentless Pursuit of Excellence: You can’t check your principles at the door when you arrive at the workplace. And you... How to Launch a Law Firm Podcast in 6 Steps: If “Podcasts are the New Black for Law Firm Business Development,” as has been...
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Vanessa Hill oversees and implements the firm’s marketing programs and keeps partners abreast of current trends and strategies in legal marketing. She serves as event coordinator for all firm events at Levi’s Stadium and the SAP Center of San Jose. Amanda Peth is a member of McManis Faulkner’s marketing team, Amanda is responsible for crafting, tracking, and implementing marketing strategies regarding client development, social media, and general public relations. Learn more at

NETWORKING Planning, Persistence, and Practice

NETWORKING Planning, Persistence, and Practice

Do not just attend an event—attend with purpose. To go with purpose means setting goals. Clearly, you want to enjoy your time, but you hope to have ROI too. Look ahead to see what you need to accomplish before, during, and after the event and determine if it is a worthwhile investment of your time, […]

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