“Getting to Know You”: The song title is famous and by taking the same approach the Tax Law Office of Luis E... Why Are Law Firms Falling Behind?: This news ought to be deeply disturbing to managing partners and lawyers everywhere,... Being a True Giver When Networking: Over the past 10–15 years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people... Workplace Harassment: In Life as in Art!: A while back, Ellen DeGeneres did a game with guests on her show. She compared harassment... Ten Proven Strategies to Effectively Implement the Two-tier Partner Structure: Partners in a great many law firms have recognized the value of creating a two-tier... From Papyrus to E-mail: The History of Newsletter Marketing: From e-mail marketing to social media marketing, it seems that every year or two there is... Overcoming the Isolation Of Being a Solo Practitioner: Do you ever feel a little isolated as - a solo practitioner? Like you're - hanging out,... Ethical Issues in Using Social Media: Why should lawyers care about social media, and whether they are using it ethically?... COMBINING PASSIONATE DEDICATION with SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE IN FAMILY LAW: Attorneys at Burch, Coulston & Shepard, LLP focus on family law cases in Orange... 14 Marketing Misconceptions That Cost Lawyers A Fortune: 1. You must have a huge, expensive website and blog to attract desirable cases and...
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Eric Dewey authors the Legal Marketing Blog, Lawyer Up! and was recently named the Guest Expert of the ABA’s annual marketing and client development edition of Law Practice Management magazine, due out in November of 2013. Dewey’s expertise includes client development; strategy and planning; marketing ROI and client opportunity analysis; client service training and program development; brand and reputation management; and organizational improvement. He can be reached at: 502-693-4731 or at www.groupdewey.com.



Win rates on RFP competitions average between 30-50%. So you’re likely to have more losses than wins. Making the most of a loss by conducting a post mortem interview can not only help you improve your next RFP response but it can position you for work with the prospect that turned down your proposal should […]

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