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Advocating with Compassion. A SHARED VISION OF CLIENT SERVICE.

“The best lawyers who get the best results are the ones who really get to know their clients. I tell our people to fully understand our client’s damages because that’s the only way to articulate to the other side what your client’s going through. If you’re too unemotional, if you’re too businesslike you’re not going to be able to communicate that pain and suffering to an adjustor or a jury or anyone else,” says Christopher A. Guldjian, Attorney/Partner at Guldjian Fasel Accident Attorneys.
Guldjian and Fasel Accident Attorneys is in its seventh year and has grown to a firm of 20 attorneys, paralegals, case managers and customer representatives serving clients throughout southern California in litigation and pre-litigation for personal injury claims. Current plans include doubling staff size within five years.
Attorney/Partner Frank R. Fasel says, “Our growth is based on a business model that puts the client’s needs first. We developed this business with a purpose and that is to serve others. We do well on cases. We push hard. We’re invested with the clients. We get things done because we take the risk with them. We want to make sure we deliver for them.”

Building a Reputation for Success by Building Relationships

Fasel became an attorney with the firm conviction that he would be his own boss by someday creating and managing his own law firm, a firm that would be focused on catering to the specific needs of specific clients. He earned his B.A. from California State University and his J.D. from California Western School of law. His admissions are to the State Bar of California, United States Courts, Central District of CA, and the United States Courts, Southern District of CA.

Guldjian started his career as a defense attorney representing large corporations. After years working in-house defense for numerous insurance companies, he saw first-hand how corporations and the people working in them take advantage of the very people they are supposed to serve. He soon decided to open his own practice. He earned his B.A. in Political Science and International Relations at California State University and his J.D. from Whittier School of Law. He is admitted to practice by the State Bar of California and before the United States Courts, Central District of CA, United States Courts, Southern District of CA, Supreme Court State of California Guldjian and Fasel shared office space shortly after starting their own firms. They quickly bonded over their shared commitment to their clients and their views on the right way to run a law firm.

He says, “We did not like how the majority of personal injury firms were run and how they handled their relationships with clients and medical providers. We quickly realized after working on a few cases together that we shared common goals and we could get much more done by pooling our resources.
When we started working on our early cases together it quickly became clear that a shared vision and hard work was paying off, resulting in very large settlements for our clients.”

Combining the Best Legal Care with the Best Medical Care

Guldjian and Fasel specializes in personal injury cases with a focus on auto-related accidents, premises liability and slip and fall. They work closely with clients who need assistance in getting quality medical treatment but don’t know where to turn after getting in a traumatic accident. Guldjian says, “Personal Injury is all about medical treatment. So, we focus on getting the best medical treatment for our clients. We have developed a network of providers that we work closely with, so clients know they are being sent to the best. We make sure the providers have the best facilities and run their practices like we do our firm.” Fasel says, “It’s incredible that we live in the richest, most industrialized nation in the history of the Earth and people are scared of getting sick.” He speaks of clients seriously injured in traffic accidents who were in serious need of immediate medical attention who declined the ambulance because they didn’t know how to pay for it. He notes that they would tell the attending police officers, “Don’t call the ambulance. I can’t afford the $2500 ride to the hospital. Call my daughter.” They don’t know about automobile insurance and that they have a claim, but at the time of the accident they’re so afraid of the medical bills that they declined necessary care.
“When we started the firm, we decided to design our work in such a way that we literally put our clients into a process of getting them quickly to the best care with the best doctors and in the safest and most affordable way. People come out of these cases with not only a good financial settlement, but with good healthcare provided throughout their recovery process,” Guldjian says.

The firm goes beyond the “extra mile” in assisting clients with getting that best possible health and medical care. They never just randomly pick a supplier, but carefully hand-select and personally vet every medical professional they work with. Guldjian says, “If we’re going to refer one of our really injured clients, the doctor had better be ethical, responsible, trustworthy and will do what’s best for the client. His or her care is a reflection on us.”
It’s All About the Details Fasel says that one of the firm’s strengths is the willingness and the drive to go a little further than anyone else. “When you look at it from the outside, the personal injury attorneys all look the same, they all charge the same, and they all act the same—on the surface. Too many PI attorneys put the client’s case through a mill, and they knock out a settlement and that may be the most profitable for the firm. But when you go a little bit further than anyone else, when you spend extra hours on a case, it can make the difference between a $25,000 case and a $250,000 case. It’s all about the details.”

Guldjian adds, “We’ll never settle a case until we know the full extent of someone’s injuries. We analyze every piece of paper that comes through to make sure we’re maximizing the treatment available for the client. That’s putting the client first. We’re not going to rush a settlement. You can’t practice ethically without really looking at what the potential exposure to the client is. It would be immoral of us to rush a judgment.”
Clients agree. I’m a business professional with an extremely busy schedule. Anything that disrupts my daily routine can impact my life tremendously, and so it did. Thank God I was able to connect with Guldjian Law. They helped me with a team approach and got me back to living my life as they dealt with my case. They were very professional and made sure my best interest was a priority. They shy away from the typical PI lawyer routine (Let’s get a settlement no matter what it is and move on to the next case) They utilize every option available to make sure you get your fair trial or settlement. (Mark K)
For example, the firm had a client who was paralyzed from the waist down due to her accident. The attorneys made sure she received all the necessary treatment while lifting some of that burden off her family through the use of their ongoing relationships with the area’s best healthcare professionals. Guldjian and Fasel would often make personal trips to their client’s home in the Inland Empire and bring whatever they could to lift their spirits and keep them focused on the positive aspects of the case.

Fasel says, “An attorney must be able to communicate physical and emotional damage to the other side in cases like that. You have to transmit the pain to those on the other side to the best of your ability. You have to find a way to communicate to strangers what it’s like to wake up each morning and not be able to move anything below your arms.”

That level of commitment worked, and it worked well. Not only did the firm get their client the maximum settlement available, but the impact the two attorneys made on her life has resulted in dozens of referrals.
They maintain a personal friendship with that family to this day.

The firm’s relationships with the medical community is a significant advantage for their clients’ health and well-being. Their attorneys hold seminars with medical providers to better educate them on the legal process of personal injury claims, while also giving them a chance to provide feedback directly to the firm on how to improve its standards and performance. Strengthening these relationships has resulted in a much smoother, more accessible and more effective process for their clients.

Work Hard. Play Hard. Love the Job.
Take Care of the Client.

Guldjian says, “Our philosophy is to work hard and play just as hard. We take our jobs very seriously, but we try to find joy out of what we’re doing as opposed to just grinding it out. We get out there. We’re not about the hustle; we’re all about the hard work. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy what we’re doing while we work hard. I try to run the whole firm that way.”

A guiding principle of the firm is to find real joy in always doing what’s right for the client. Their belief is that when attorneys and staff continue to do what’s in the client’s best interest, all the other business decisions fall into place. They look beyond the monthly or quarterly bottom line to the long-term benefits of balancing business decisions with personal decisions about client needs. They have been known to perform some legal services for free knowing that someday in some manner that service will reflect back in a positive way.

“It’s business, but we’re not selling widgets. We’re selling ourselves and we’re selling compassion. And we’re selling knowledge of the law and how to apply it. It is a business and it is about money, but do what’s right for the client and it’ll come back one hundred-fold. From a business angle it may sound like a bad policy short term, but in the long term it comes back to you and pays itself. It’s that law of attraction. Our business model is to do what’s right for the client and don’t worry about anything else. It’ll all fall in place,” Guldjian says.

The firm’s commitment to client service, its reputation and their work ethic has generated about 20 percent of their business in referrals. They have done several joint ventures on high-value cases that have resulted in six-figure referral fees.
Fasel says, “We work with numerous firms on a regular basis because they know how our firm operates and they can expect quality results every time.”
Guldjian adds, “It’s always to us a matter of traversing that extra and often challenging extra mile, but it’s worth every bit of effort. Going back to our client who was paralyzed, we would say our personal investment in some of our clients’ cases keep us grounded on why we fight every day. The payoff we get from an emotional standpoint is worth as much as any settlement.”

Guldjian Fasel Accident Attorneys
600 Anton Blvd, Suite 1700
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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