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Pro Tip for Lawyers: 3 LinkedIn Business Development Resolutions that will Pay off in 2019

Like me, you probably have a list of goals that will help you achieve your personal and professional objectives in 2019. However, studies show that by February more than 80% of us have already given up on achieving our resolutions. And so, as we race through the first quarter of 2019, here are three achievable LinkedIn activities that you can easily manage, that are sure to pay off throughout the year:

  1. Once a Week, Save at Least One Lead Suggested by LinkedIn Navigator

I've said it before: with more than 600 million users, LinkedIn allows you to connect with virtually any business executive in the world on the platform.

Navigator's excellent "Discover" feature provides you, at any given time, with 200 recommended leads: people who meet qualifications you've identified in your sales preferences, like industry, seniority level, and role/function.

Recommended leads
Recommended accounts
Edit your sales preferences

For example, one of our lawyers has hers set to "discover" corporate counsel that work for companies of over 10,000 employees who reside in four specific major cities.

Resolve to save one recommended lead per week to include that person's activity in your feed, to provide additional insight into the challenges of an industry or a company, and maybe even to generate an opportunity to connect with a valuable new prospect.

  1. Congratulate One Connection Who Changed Jobs

It's always a good idea to monitor the career changes of your existing contacts, and nothing could be easier with Navigator.

Simply go to the homepage, then place your cursor over the "Lists" menu and click "My network." When the list of your connections loads, you'll see on the top row how many of them have changed jobs in the past 90 days.

My network
Lead Lists
Account Lists


Changed jobs
in past 90 days

Click on that number, then scroll through the list to identify someone you'd like to congratulate for their new job. Roll over the ellipsis next to their name, and a menu will drop down giving you the option to send a message.

View profile
View similar

You can also send a message through their Navigator profile (click on "Message"), which has the added bonus of generating a list of "recommended leads" at their new employer!

Keep in mind that, when individuals move jobs, we know that they are looking to make an impact as soon as they arrive. So, often, this is the best time to connect, as they will likely be looking to bring in their own counsel to the new organization.
Further, if that individual received a promotion and an increase in responsibilities, there's even more at stake for them to prove. By reaching out and making it clear you're monitoring their progress, their achievements, you're making it clear that you are available for any work they may have.

  1. Comment on One LinkedIn Post by a Contact Each Week

You already know that networking is a contact sport. A good way to gain traction in that sport: regularly comment on LinkedIn posts made by connections.

Posted on LinkedIn in past 30 days

As above, navigate to the list of connections in your network, then click on the number of people who have "posted on LinkedIn in the past 30 days." You'll then want to scan through the list to identify someone you'd like to engage with, for example an important prospect or an industry influencer. Click on their name, then scroll down to the "Highlights" section of their Navigator profile to see their recent activity on LinkedIn.

Clicking on the highlighted post (or any of those in the "see more" section) will open a new window, with the post included, where you can add your comment.

A single comment per week may not seem like much, but it adds up: at the end of 2019 you'll have initiated 50 new conversations with clients, potential clients, and influencers.

Further, connections (yours and those of the people you're engaging) will also see you and what you add to the conversation. One comment can lead to hundreds of impressions and is an excellent opportunity to brand yourself, as well as engage with people who'll play a part in your year of business development success.

Samantha McKenna

Samantha McKenna is Head of Sales, Enterprise, NYC at LinkedIn. Follow her for her latest writings on law firm BD on JD Supra. Connect with her on LinkedIn to see how Navigator can transform your firm’s growth efforts. Visit linkedin.com/in/samsalesli.

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About the Author: Samantha McKenna is Head of Sales, Enterprise, NYC at LinkedIn. Follow her for her latest writings on law firm BD on JD Supra. Connect with her on LinkedIn to see how Navigator can transform your firm’s growth efforts. Visit linkedin.com/in/samsalesli.

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