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W.H.E.R.E. Core Values, Preparation and Experience Reign

The Law Offices of Babak “Bobby” Hashemi Use a Holistic Approach to Helping the Subjugated

“I don’t dabble in every area of law. In each of my practice areas, I have invested deeply in building special expertise. Because of this, I start out ahead of the game, and I press our advantage throughout the case to obtain the best possible outcome and satisfaction for my client. Since the inception of my practice, I’ve strived to maintain every client relationship—no matter the size or type, or their wallet size,” says Babak “Bobby” Hashemi, Esq., founder of the Law Offices of Babak Hashemi in Newport Beach and San Francisco. Bobby grew up in south Orange County and refers to San Francisco, where he started his practice, as his second home.
According to Hashemi, the key to building these relationships is rooted in his holistic approach to practicing law. “Law is perhaps the only one of the ‘learned’ professions that is still relatively unchanged in the age of technology and big business. It allows me to develop expertise over a lifetime and use it to help others, much like the family doctor once did, before the age of corporate medicine. This is the calling and connection that drew me to the law.”
Specifically, he adds, “I was looking for a holistic approach to law, where I could assist everyday people with their legal challenges. I remain intrigued by the ability I have to make a lasting, positive difference in people’s lives.”
In fact, this desire to help regular people, from a holistic approach, was what spurred him to attend New College School of Law, California’s first public interest law school, even in the face of a successful career in sales and marketing.

"… Hashemi's core values continue to lead his decision-making process wherever he may be practicing. They include: 'Work and perform as a team; Highest quality service to clients; Ethics and integrity in all dealings; Results-oriented; Enjoy what we do,' (W.H.E.R.E.)."

Conscious and Conscientious Decision

Prepared by his undergraduate studies in Natural Sciences and Media Communications, Hashemi was enjoying success in sales and marketing when he first took umbrage of the injustices facing consumers. “In the early 2000s, as money was virtually being printed for everyone, I realized that consumers were being encouraged to spend, spend, spend. Consumers were strongly encouraged to use and to buy, regardless of whether they were buying on borrowed money or on credit. The marketing was successful. The four ‘Ps’ of marketing— Price, Product, Place, and Promotion—were effective. But there was a missing ‘G.’ Products, properties, loans and services were pushed onto consumers without regard to any guarantee or assurances, whatsoever,” Hashemi recalls. “When a product, loan or service failed to live up its claims, consumers lacked sufficient information about how to hold the seller, lender or manufacturer accountable or exercise their rights.” Realizing the dangerous course consumers and indeed, the nation was on, Hashemi decided to enroll in law school to begin doing what he could to make a difference.
“Going to law school was a conscious decision for me, and I knew that I would have to finance my own way through the process. I attended law school in San Francisco on a part-time basis while working at a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), volunteering at the housing clinic, and at the Marin County Office of the Public Defender,” he says. As busy as he was, however, Hashemi still managed to finish the part-time curriculum a semester early. “The challenge was humbling and rewarding at the same time,” he admits.
The challenge was not enough to dissuade him from continuing his education, however. After being admitted to the Bar, Hashemi not only began working towards earning a LL.M. in taxation from Golden Gate University School of Law, he also almost immediately took on a difficult case as a solo practitioner.
“Within days after being admitted to practice, I took on representation of a tenant in an eviction action that was scheduled for a jury trial the following Monday,” he recalls. In that case, Hashemi put to use not only what he’d learned in school, but what he’d learned in the housing clinic to leverage both a $50,000 settlement, and a waiver of thousands of dollars of back rent. With that case, Hashemi knew that his calling was to help John and Jane Q Public and small businesses.

Core Values as Foundation of Practice

From the very start, Hashemi knew he wasn’t interested in cutting his teeth in a big firm, working on corporate or insurance defense. “I wanted to help the underdog who didn’t have deep pockets,” he says. “I’d gone to a public interest law school, and it had imbedded in me certain values and core competencies. Opening my own practice to implement these values and competencies wasn’t a decision, rather my destiny.”
Likewise, those values and competencies prompted Hashemi to develop his own core values, which would ultimately serve as the guiding principles of his own firm. Drafted nearly a decade ago, Hashemi’s core values continue to lead his decision-making process wherever he may be practicing. They include: “Work and perform as a team; Highest quality service to clients; Ethics and integrity in all dealings; Results-oriented; Enjoy what we do,” (W.H.E.R.E.).
Like many attorneys just starting out, Hashemi initially worked in diverse areas of law, including criminal defense and tax defense. But as time went on, he began to see that his talents were best suited towards advocating for clients in three primary practice areas: Consumer Protection (Lemon Law), Personal Injury, and Real Estate/Small Business Litigation.
“I work with consumers who need assistance with breaches of Manufacturer’s Warranty (Lemon Law), violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), California Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (RFDCPA), and The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and various foreclosure defense involving Federal or State real estate-related laws” he says.
“For most consumers, outside of their housing expense, their car payment is their next largest expense each month and is the only tool they cannot do without. That car needs to be dependable. When there is a manufacturer’s defect affecting the value, safety or use of a vehicle, and the owner has taken the car in for repairs on multiple occasions, the manufacturer needs to right this wrong. Lemon Law provides for wonderful recourse to get all of their hard-earned money back or another equitable remedy,” Hashemi says.
Likewise, Hashemi loves being able to guide those injured through no fault of their own. “When people have been in an accident, they are vulnerable and scared. They are worried about their insurance going up, missing work, and anxious about medical expenses. I’ve had a lot of success litigating Personal Injury matters. What the injured victims need is an honest, hardworking professional who will interact with them on a personal level and guide them to a satisfactory resolution.”

By way of example, Hashemi recalls a client who was in a car accident where liability was disputed. “My client was self-employed, and the severity of his injuries affected his livelihood, and ability to make a living. Through intense investigation and assistance of qualified medical professionals, we were able to reconstruct the scene of the accident, injury-causing mechanisms, and establish that no fault could reasonably be attributed to my client. Through the reports of a medical provider, we were able to establish that our client suffered a silent stroke because of the collision. Finally, we were able to show that our client was the heart and soul of his business, and his business’ economic damages were directly attributable to our client’s inability to discharge his duties. Based on this we were able to collect the limits of the third-party insurance policy in place, and a separate six-figure settlement—after initiation of arbitration and triggering our own client’s Under Insured portion of the policy.”
In his Real Estate/Small Business Litigation practice, Hashemi says that he’s learned an enormous amount about helping families facing foreclosure from Joseph R. Manning, Jr., Founder of Manning Law Office, APC. “Joe has been a mentor and role model to me. I’m Of-Counsel to his firm, and through this affiliation, I can provide big firm benefits to my clients through an interpersonal, professional relationship. This affiliation has allowed me to expand my expertise and be able to operate on a larger scale than a solo or small office practitioner would. We’ve worked on many matters together, including foreclosure defense and consumer advocation. I think we’ve probably worked on close to 1,000 foreclosure defense matters together. I’m really grateful for his guidance, because there is nothing like the feeling of being able to call someone and say, ‘You’re not going to be kicked out of your home. Your children are not going to be uprooted and pulled out of schools because of something outside of your control.’ I am here to ensure that banks and servicers fully comply to the letter of the law,” he says.

Holistic Approach to the Law Now and For the Future

After nearly a decade of practice, Hashemi says that the holistic approach he has always taken, has yielded a successful practice that is almost entirely based upon referrals. “The majority of my clients found me by way of some type of referral, personal or professional introduction. In this way, I allow the client to choose me based on my knowledge, personality, and background. I also take time to communicate personally, to ensure every client is fully informed at each stage of the case,” he says.
To Hashemi, the holistic approach means serving as a true counselor throughout the entire engagement. It is also what enables him to safeguard his clients’ wellbeing. “In personal injury cases, for example, there are injuries that my clients have suffered that are having devastating consequences, yet they don’t know what has happened. This was the case with a man I represented who had been assaulted in a bar without provocation. Beyond the black eye, his symptoms indicated that he had clearly suffered a closed head injury, known as a TBI. I was able to send him to the medical specialist he needed to get confirmation, and more importantly, the care he needed to recover. A good attorney will pick up on cues, such as memory deficits, troubles in interpersonal relationships, or diminished cognitive abilities, and be able to guide the victim to get the care that they need,” he says.
When it comes to small business disputes, Hashemi says his holistic approach propels him to ensure that his clients are well aware of possible risks and pitfalls. Instead of having an extremely finite goal, such as victory no matter the cost, Hashemi looks out for the client’s overall victory, which in some cases may be to avoid litigation. “For disputes between partners, I have a responsibility to explain risks which include time and expenses. Everyone wants and deserves redress from harms they have suffered. But if litigation is going to cost for example $75,000, and the victory may yield $150,000, and litigation is going to drag on for years, it is my responsibility to make sure they clearly understand that. It is up to them to decide if the risk is worth the reward, or the potential loss. I’m not interested in doing what is best for me. It’s the client’s overall wellbeing that matters.”
Continuing, Hashemi says, “I deeply respect my clients’ right to make their own life decisions. That’s why I take the time to get to know them, and to identify their needs and goals, rather than having a monochromatic approach to how I practice law. Based on their decisions, I can then guide them through the process.
My relationship with each of my clients is more important than anything else.”
As far as the future is concerned, Hashemi has no plans to change course. With a holistic approach, reinforced by his core values, he plans on consistent growth in both his Orange County practice and his Bay Area practice. “I expect to add more support staff, collaborate with other firms and to continue to build Of-Counsel relationships,” he says. But most importantly, he plans to continue to fight for the individual, who is shocked, uninformed, vulnerable, and scared. “When you’ve been harmed by another, either physically, or financially, bad things come to your mind. It’s scary, and it can be shocking. Being able to counsel victims through the process to a satisfactory outcome is very gratifying.”

Bobby Hashemi
Law Offices of Babak Hashemi ESQ.
4667 MacArthur Blvd #150
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Orange County: 949-464-8529
San Francisco Bay: 415-480-4770

Jennifer Hadley

Jennifer Hadley is a Staff Writer for Attorney Journal

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About the Author: Jennifer Hadley is a Staff Writer for Attorney Journal

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