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WORKING SMART to Secure Successful Results

JML Law’s Team Approach to Each Case Ensures Justice for Individuals

“I always had a vision of what I wanted to accomplish as a lawyer, and felt that I could best invoke that if I could control the mission of my own firm,” says Joseph M. Lovretovich, award-winning attorney and founder of JML Law, APC. Indeed, the tried and true ‘work smarter, not harder’ adage might as well have been written about Lovretovich’s approach to securing justice for workers who have been wronged, or individuals who have been injured through no fault of their own. This has led to the creation of a firm of fourteen lawyers dedicated to the rights of plaintiffs. “I have assembled some of the brightest people in the fields of employment, personal injury and workers’ compensation law,” he says.
For more than 40 years, Lovretovich has constantly sought new ways to reach underserved markets, build a practice that operates as a well-oiled machine, and most importantly, that delivers results his hard-working clients deserve. In the process of doing so, this strategy has also yielded numerous published decisions, which by proxy have helped protect countless workers Lovretovich will likely never even meet. Yet the work continues. Today, he and his esteemed team of experienced employment and labor, personal injury, and workers’ compensation attorneys continue to work smartly, to secure wins for the individual, all the while protecting and preventing others from suffering similar injustices.


Early Education and Experience
A second-generation Southern Californian, Lovretovich was inspired by his father to pursue a career in law. “My father was an officer with the LAPD, which led to my desire to become an attorney. He used to say to me, “I don’t want you to do what I do.” He encouraged me instead to practice law, and initially I planned on becoming a prosecutor or a public defender, Lovretovich recalls. However, upon earning his law degree from Southwestern University School of Law in 1976, like so many young law school graduates, he found himself working in the field of insurance defense.
Though he seemed a natural born lawyer from the start, and quickly cut his teeth in insurance defense—which culminated in launching his own firm—Lovretovich found that after 10 years, he’d accomplished all that he wanted to in the field. More notably, he began to realize that his passion for helping individuals was outweighing his desire to defend insurance companies. The epiphany arose out of his willingness to take cases out of his practice area, whenever people came to him for help. In particular, he recalls that his first employment case had a powerful impact on him.
“I took other cases, while I was running the insurance defense firm. I did a bit of family law, and a few criminal cases. Over time I didn’t feel comfortable in insurance anymore. I didn’t feel creative. I was in a reactive field of law, and I began to want to develop the stories for people who needed help. This was in the mid-1980s at a time when the insurance world was changing. The insurance world became more aggressive, and where I felt I could resolve claims for people who really were suffering before, suddenly every claim was suspect and the goal was to deny paying any claim,” he recalls.
This shift coincided with Lovretovich trying to help a woman who came to him after being sexually harassed and then fired from her job. “I took this case for a friend, and I was able to get her quite a bit of money, after she was unlawfully fired. I wound up with a very grateful client, and knew then that I wanted to pursue plaintiff’s work, full-time” he says. He jumped into employment and labor law with both feet, and began succeeding for clients immediately.


Fleming v. Parametric Technologies was one of my first employment cases when the field was first developing. I had to take depositions all over the world, and against all odds, we were able to obtain a $1.8 Million-Dollar verdict, which was held up on appeal,” he recalls. Thus, with this type of initial success under his belt, Lovretovich had reinforced to himself that plaintiff’s work was where he belonged. As he set about to build a team of talented and dedicated attorneys to join him in his efforts, he also developed the mission behind which his burgeoning firm would operate. “We are committed to the representation of the rights of the individual,” he says.
For Lovretovich, abiding by that guiding principle has meant that while his firm handles many potential seven-figure cases, he will represent low-wage earners as well. Experience has taught him that his duty is to help the individual, regardless of the size of the case, as long as it is a viable case. In fact, he says that he would advise any new attorney to consider the benefits of doing so. “Being willing to take cases that may be small will sharpen your advocacy. You will also get the satisfaction of helping those who are dispossessed, and it will heighten your prestige among the defense bar,” he says.

Team Effort to Best Represent Individuals
Although the size of the case is not of paramount concern to Lovretovich, being selective about the cases that the firm will take is undeniably responsible for JML Law’s overwhelmingly impressive track record. Indeed, Lovretovich cannot underscore the value his firm places in thoroughly vetting each case through an unmatched intake process. As such, more than 18 years ago, Lovretovich welcomed Donna Lloyd to the firm, who brought over 20 years of investigative experience to the firm, and soon became a pivotal member of the JML Law team.
A former investigator in insurance defense practice and legal assistant within the Texas Attorney General’s office, Lloyd also served as a principal in an investigation company, Lloyd & Lloyd International Services. Under Lloyd’s direction as Director of Intake and Legal Investigations at JML Law, Lovretovich says that the firm has been able to better reach underserved markets in California, as the result of her extensive intake process.
“We conduct lengthy phone intake interviews, we follow up on witnesses to confirm stories, often locating additional witnesses and information. We conduct searches on social media, and exhaustive searches for other pending cases against the same defendants. We call fellow attorneys representing other individuals against the same defendants, to make sure that all of the facts back up a case before we will accept it,” Lovretovich explains. In fact, the firm now employs a team of five people who are dedicated to this comprehensive intake process.
Once the firm accepts a new case, an entire team will be responsible for seeing the lawsuit through to trial if necessary. “Each case is assigned to one of our team leaders, David Tibor, in our Los Angeles office, or Jared Beilke in our Orange County office. Both David and Jared are very experienced trial attorneys who aggressively prosecute their cases. David joined the firm six years ago, and has become a key member of the trial team. Jared recently joined the firm after twenty years at a top-rated litigation firm. Their teams include two additional lawyers and a paralegal. Every case has a full team,” Lovretovich says.


In addition, the team is supplemented by other attorneys who play distinct, and invaluable roles within the team. For example, Jennifer Lipski helms the law and motion and appellate department, ensuring that the firm is constantly on the forefront of existing and emerging case law. “Her knowledge of legal precedents has enabled us to succeed on several major decisions in the court of appeals,” Lovretovich says.
As for his role, Lovretovich is involved and aware of all aspects of the firm’s cases, and handles many of the firm’s mediations, or tries the cases before the court. “I am there to design the plan, and to execute the plan for each case,” he says. This framework allows the firm to handle many cases and to go up against the biggest and most powerful companies and their law firms.
Because Lovretovich is driven to reach, and help as many wronged individuals as possible, he intentionally sought out diversity when building his team. “We have Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean speaking attorneys. Minority communities suffer a lot, from unjust employment practices and in cases of personal injury. Our diversity allows us to market to these often-close-knit communities who are generally underserved,” he says.
That’s not to say, however, that JML Law only focuses on underserved or minority markets. On the contrary, in keeping with their commitment to diversity, and keeping their focus firmly set on helping all individuals who have been victims of illegal or unjust practices, JML Law also counts high-wage earners amongst its clientele. In particular, Lovretovich says the firm has helped countless high earners in the field of technology and top earning sales professionals. “In the field of high-tech, for example, older workers are often pushed out illegally so that the company can bring in younger employees,” Lovretovich says. “In high-tech, individuals in their 40’s can be considered old.”

Track Record of Success in Securing Justice
Suffice it to say, JML Law’s absolute team commitment to securing justice for every client certainly makes a difference in the lives of aggrieved employees, or injured victims. But their efforts aren’t limited to only securing financial compensation. Instead, Lovretovich says, the JML team insists on truly being there for their clients, throughout often drawn out, and frankly, terrible situations. By way of example, Lovretovich recalls the case of Roxie, a client who was severely disabled, and suffered horrifying sexual abuse at a school.
“Throughout that case, Donna or another team member accompanied her and her family to all aspects of the criminal proceedings against her perpetrator. We never left her to fight this battle alone,” he says. Even after the team secured a favorable settlement, which allowed her to get the care she needed, the relationship didn’t end. “Roxie died several years ago. I had the honor of serving as a pall bearer at her funeral,” Lovretovich says simply.
Likewise, the firm made a significant difference in the life of Mike, who was sucker-punched at a local bar, and suffered permanent brain damage as the result. “When we met Mike, he was living in a homeless shelter, and suffering from a severe brain injury. No one wanted his case. We were able to resolve his case for $1,000,000, so that he could afford to buy a home, and have the care he needs.”

Moreover, the efforts that the team at JML Law put forth for each individual often have permanent lasting benefits for thousands of others that the dedicated attorneys will never meet. Examples of these include two significant published decisions Lovretovich fought hard to win for clients.
In Colmenares v. Braemar Country Club, Lovretovich’s client had suffered a back injury, and was consequently terminated from his job. After the court ruled against Lovretovich, he pursued the case to the California Supreme Court and emerged victorious. As the result, the rights of disabled workers were effectively expanded. Likewise, in Dee v. Vintage Petroleum, Lovretovich helped expand and protect the rights of those who were subjected to racial slurs in the workplace.
Lovretovich is also devoted to helping the next generation of attorneys to realize the immense satisfaction that he has derived from devoting his life’s work to helping others. “I especially relish mentoring young lawyers. When I first started, I had no resources to turn to when trying to develop my practice. Therefore, my door is always open to young lawyers who simply have questions on law or practice or who actually want to co-counsel with us on their cases,” Lovretovich says.
Clearly, Lovretovich’s long held vision of how law should be practiced has proven to be spot on, time and again. Not surprisingly, as the result, a large portion of the firm’s caseload comes from referrals from fellow attorneys, who then find themselves on the receiving end of generous referral fees. The rest of the firm’s business is secured through satisfied client referrals, marketing, and the firm’s reputation for excellence based upon Lovretovich’s forty years of experience.
With offices in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, Lovretovich says that his firm will continue to operate as a team, even as it expands to serve the needs of individuals who need help. “We will continue to fight for individual rights. Together with the experienced attorneys who work with me, we can handle the biggest firms out there. Our intense intake process lets us go into lawsuits well prepared, often before the defense attorney even gets the case. Then, our innovative team approach of aggressively and proactively prosecuting our cases allows us to control the lawsuit,” he says.



  • Southwestern University School of Law, Los Angeles, California – J.D., 1976
  • University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California – B.A. cum laude, 1973, Major: International Relations


  • Super Lawyers – Southern California, 2007-2016
  • Avvo Rating – 10 out of 10, 1/2017


  • State Bar of California, Member
  • National Employment Lawyers Association, Member
  • California Employment Lawyers Association, Member
  • Los Angeles Bar Association, Member
  • Consumer Attorneys' Association of Los Angeles, Member
  • California State Bar, Labor & Employment Section
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association, Labor & Employment Section
  • Orange County Trial Lawyers Association
  • Consumer Attorneys of California
  • American Association for Justice

Joseph M. Lovretovich
2400 E. Katella Avenue, Suite 440
Anaheim, CA 92806

Jennifer Hadley

Jennifer Hadley is a Staff Writer for Attorney Journal

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About the Author: Jennifer Hadley is a Staff Writer for Attorney Journal

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