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Incorporating Creative Landing Pages to Get Clients

Staying ahead of your competitors in any business scenario is crucial, especially in the legal field. Striving to gain attention from your specific niche or expertise area is what sets any organization or company ahead of their competitors. With the constant updates in SEO and new marketing strategies being released, maintaining an optimum website, with the most current trends and legal “need-to-knows,” becomes even more critical for the success of a firm.

Landing pages play a crucial role in how your firm is perceived by the potential client. Questions a firm should ask themselves include:
• Is the information presented on my website unique in providing a different viewpoint on an important topic?
• Does my landing page provide a “spark,” which allows the viewer to realize the potential my firm has to offer? If your answer to the above questions is “no,” then you might need to consider some important changes to your firm’s website structure. Designing creative landing pages that allow participation and interaction from outside sources besides just potential clients can be a great starting point. The majority of internet users enjoy signing petitions, joining causes, and having a sense of joining forces with a cause they believe in. For example, AT&T advocates against texting and driving. The “It Can Wait” campaign has generated strong community ties and has helped significantly increase perceptions of the corporation, through this creative landing page and campaign.

12Some of the most unique projects that have sparked the interest of New York City safety advocates include the development of the #WalkSaferNYC accident map. The Hecht Kleeger and Damashek Firm made up of personal injury attorneys who represent car accident victims wanted to create a creative landing page that allowed further firm exposure. The map was created to raise awareness for the most dangerous intersections in New York City for pedestrians and motorists alike.
As a result, the interactive resource page was featured in many news outlets, and received attention from various outlets throughout the United States.


13The Harris Federal Firm represents federal workers seeking compensation. The firm felt a need to raise awareness for federally employed parents on Mother’s Day. As a result, the “My Mom is a Federal Hero” video competition was designed to encourage participation among federal mothers, as well as reward them for all of the hard work they do for their families. The winner received a $1,000 Amazon gift card. The contest went viral and created social buzz via Twitter and Facebook. The firm had a significant backlink increase as a result.

A landing page that creatively represents a firm’s strategy, and sincere interest in a particular area, allows for a more powerful impact on those visiting the page, and attracts interest to a particular matter from visitors.

It is critical for a firm to have a “call to action” on creative landing pages. Leaving viewers with information they want to read about is excellent, but with no call to action, you are leaving your potential clients with no way of taking further action. In fact, an alarming seventy percent of law firm homepages do not have a call to action. Leaving potential clients with relevant information, yet lacking any way to allow them to become involved or spark their interest further, is one grey area that many firms can easily avoid. You can combat these barriers in thoughtful ways like inviting viewers to sign a petition you have created, or better yet, share the creative page you have designed. If the information on your creative landing page sets you apart, and leaves the viewer feeling passionate about the topic, their willingness to share with others is much higher. In the example below, the firm felt passionate enough to participate in a local arthritis event, and included a call to action at the bottom of their creative landing page, encouraging others to participate and/or take a survey designed to generate perspectives on arthritis.

With a call to action in mind, a firm should ask: “Does my site allow for my creative page to be easily shared?” With the large amount of prospective clients on social media today, it’s extremely important for pages to feature social share buttons. Visitors would much rather click a share button, rather than copy and paste a link. In addition, using social sharing buttons allows the website creator the ability to control what text is shared. If you are advocating for a cause, this is a great opportunity to insert a social hashtag that is automatically shared among those who click share buttons. It’s also an excellent opportunity to visualize who visited your landing page, and also has aligning viewpoints on the subject.
Designing creative landing pages will allow your firm to stand a higher chance of gaining a larger number of clients, as website visitors are exposed to the firm’s creative landing pages. Taking an initiative, or standing for a cause, will engage your visitors and encourage interaction with your page, and potentially become clients. Firms should be making all attempts to design and implement strategies that will expand their brand’s outreach, through use of creative landing pages and adding a unique value that industry competitors may not.

Landon Biehl

Landon Biehl is a Senior Outreach Specialist with, Landon targets prospects with potential interest in client services and resources. He also helps to create and implement new marketing tactics and campaigns, with a particular focus on building linking partners. Landon can be reached at (910) 386-8920.

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About the Author: Landon Biehl is a Senior Outreach Specialist with, Landon targets prospects with potential interest in client services and resources. He also helps to create and implement new marketing tactics and campaigns, with a particular focus on building linking partners. Landon can be reached at (910) 386-8920.

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